Full Air Conditioning service 

from £29


We are a home-run business car air conditioning business. Most services take no more than 30 minutes at our premises, based in Littleover Derby. We specialize in R134a refrigerants. we only specialise in car air conditioning so you can be assured of a high-quality service. You are welcome to watch as we service your aircon and we will explain each part of the re-gas service. The aircon service will only take around 20 minutes.

 Qualified to City & Guilds 7543 standards 

We do not just top up your car with refrigerant, we always remove your old refrigerant. We vacuum the entire air conditioning system to -29 hg to remove any excess moisture; then test for leaks under vacuum. 


Service Price List

Please Note : Most cars manufactured after 2017 Require the NEWER R1234YF  meaning the gas will cost £10 per 100g in comparison to the older gas that is £5 per 100g

To check what gas your car requires please CLICK HERE.

R134a / R1234YF  Full Service

Whats Included?

Spray bubble solution to show precise location of leaks (if leaks are suspected)

Remove old refrigerant and weight it to see how much you may have lost

Add UV Dye

Test high and low pressures

Test temperatures

Nitrogen Leak Test if no gas is present in system

£29 + price of gas needed

* Most cars take no more than 550g of gas and most cars already have gas in the system

£5 extra per 100g for R134a gas 

£10 extra per 100g for R1234yf


Additional extras


Using Cool-Shot will improve the performance of the system, creating a cooler environment, whilst using less energy and increasing the ac systems lifespan saving money in the long term.

Cool-shot comprises of two synthetic catalysts and a lubricating agent, which removes the build-up of oil on the walls, allowing the refrigerant to improve its heat exchange properties.

Using case histories interesting data has emerged using cool-shoot.

  • Up to a 5-degree improvement in cooling at air vents.

  • Faster cooling performance

  • 73% better heat exchange

  • 20% reduction in fuel costs to run the compressor

  • 54% increase in compressor lubrication

  • 50% increase in compressor lifetime.

  • A decrease in compressor vibrations and noise.

  • Cool-shot acts without causing any chemical changes to the oils or refrigerant and is 100% ecological.

Using Cool-shot will pay for itself in no time at all, using less energy to run the compressor and fewer maintenance costs and quieter operating noises.


Anti bacterial treatment £10

When air conditioning isn't in use, condensation builds up on the evaporator and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.  When warmer weather arrives and the air conditioning is turned on, these unpleasant and unhealthy bacteria can be vented into the cabin.  You may notice there is a problem because of an unpleasant smell, however quite often you can't tell you are breathing in these harmful bacteria at all.


Have you ever got in your car, pushed the AC button and had a terrible smell fill the cabin? That smell is bacterial growth. A vehicle's air-conditioning system provides the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The AC system should be kept clean through the use of anti bacterial treatments and replacing the pollen filter. This will keep the air in your car safe and odour-free.


  • Kills the mould and fungi that can affect your health and driving comfort

  • Improves air quality

  • Deodorises the interior of the vehicle

  • Removes build-up of bacteria colonies.

  • Includes a complete inspection of the entire air conditioning system.

  • Gives you and your family the peace of mind that you're travelling in a cleaner and healthier environment.

Why choose Koolcar

  • Honest approach.

  • No long waiting times, most services are completed within 25-30 minutes meaning you can wait with your car while we do the service.

  • Only specialising in car air conditioning.

  • Free Nitrogen check to detect any leaks.

  • Free UV dye added to the system to be able to trace any future leaks.

  • We don't use automatic machines that most garages use.

  • Competitive fair pricing.

  • Easy pricing structure with no hidden costs.

  • Free Anti-Bacterial treatment


How Car AC works


The Air conditioning system consists of these parts:

  • Condenser

  • Compressor

  • Receiver

  • Dryer

  • Evaporator

  • Expansion Valve

The Refrigerant enters the compressor as a vapor and is compressed by the compressor, where the pressure increases and it enters the condenser at the front of your car (looks like a radiator) where it is collected and it turns into a liquid.  


The liquid refrigerant then enters the evaporator under pressure (Look like a radiator, that is hidden behind the dashboard). It then turns back into a vapor, and due to the laws of physics it supercools, and warm air from the interior of the car is blown over the evaporator, which extracts the heat into the refrigerant, It then enters the compressor again and keeps repeating the cycle.

​Using your air conditioning system keeps it working efficiently if you do not use it the seals may dry out and cause leaks. And, any moisture trapped in the system can cause acid to attack the components, so use it regularly to keep it working and prevent garage bills!